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Sugar Scrub love

Have you tried our sugar scrubs?? If not then you have to get your hands on the revamped recipe! With extra oils to lock in all the moisture.
Hydrate, moisturize, exfoliate & rejuvenate. With our all natural luscious sugar scrub. These bad boys are vegan, GF, cruelty-free, infused with the best therapeutic grade essential oils, preservative free & chemical free!

Sugar scrubs support your skin in three ways.! To hydrate, exfoliate (helps clean pores & prevent ingrown hairs) and rejuvenate. This all-natural product is the perfect tool for your beauty arsenal with summer around the corner.
The best part is we have a plethora of infusions to choose from. The photo above features our relax scrub. Wake up your skin & senses with any of our delightful sugar scrubs.