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I love my Aroma bracelet! I wear it literally all the time and for any occasion. The best feature is being able to infuse the lava bead with essential oil to get through my day!

Shannon Hamilton

I bought a hair mask at your booth yesterday in Bowmanville! My hair and scalp feel great. Now I have to buy more! My daughter and my sons girlfriend are using it too!

Lynda Brouwer

I tell people all the time, I'm sure the reason I didn't get sick this winter was because I used TONS of your "Seasonal Spice Lip Balm" Bonus .. no chapped lips either!

Mikayla Allison

Okay so your sugar scrub is amazing!! I love it so much and am super happy with it, and the scent is just delicious. And the tingle of the mint!! Big fan 💚

Samantha Satte

Oh my goodness! II won a giveaway with one of your bath bombs and I just love the way my skin feels after and during, the smell, it’s so relaxing!!

Courtney Wilett

The bathing beauty boxes, the spray and balm thing are amazing... and smell great!!