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Sense of smell

Sense of smell 
Did you know that the first sense to develop is smell!? And that women naturally have a better sense of smell than men. 
Have you ever heard of scent association?? It is One of the most interesting things I have learned about In my essential oil trainings. Scent association is when you hold a memory/ recollection in direct connection with an aroma or smell. 
For example: you make dislike geranium 🌸cause it reminds you of your grandmothers perfume. It may bring up memories that are hard to deal with. Your bodies natural response maybe to avoid or shy away of this Aroma 
I think it is amazing how connected our brains 🧠 are to smell.
That’s why if you have ever picked up one of my products and said “ewww”. I just chuckle an never take it personally. I find it totally fascinating that I may love something and you may hate it due to past memories and scent associations. 
After reading this post is there a smell or aroma that you can think of that you love or hate ??? If so what does said aroma/smell or essential oil make you think of. Maybe you don’t even know why!? But your brain has made a direct connection to it. 
Wow right !!