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Creative Craft

Welcome to Infused, My Name is Lauren

I am so excited you stumbled upon my Website & Blog.

I will be showcasing my handmade all natural essential oil-infused products/goodness. I will be giving you the DL on what it is like to be a small business owner. Sharing some of my tips all the way! 

With a passion for creativity, beauty & all things lovely. I run off Earl Grey tea, lattes & a heavy dose of essential oils..... daily... sometimes even hourly.
I am an essential oil diffuser addict, with 5 diffusers in my small 900 square foot house! My house typically smells like my favorite oil Eucyupltus! Spa day everyday minus the ongoing battle with the creative mess in my house. 

So I am sure your thinking wow! Essential oils.. they are soo common now and its all the rage. When I started using them over 5 years ago... it was not the rage people thought I smelt like an apothecary store, yoga teacher or even worse an old lady (I can thank my love for germanium for that) 

Let me tell you a little about my self!
I have a degree in studio art from the University of Guelph. Where I spent 4 years creating, making & challenging the word art.

I then set out on one crazy adventure to acquire an advanced diploma, in jewelry Arts from George Brown. In this course my hands on skills where tested to the max! My creativity fueled & challenged my technical side/skills.

7 years of post-secondary later!! I am Alive with my creative side more expressive as ever. I am blessed to say I wake up every morning and do what I love! I am more than thankful every day with my opportunity to start a small business over two years ago while still attending school. 

So Welcome to my crazy life of being my own boss, fur mom, future bride, maker, essential oil enthusiast, tea granny & most of all a creative soul!