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Bath Bombs Basics

What is a bath bombs exactly!? 🛁
A bath bomb is a hard packed mixture of ingredients which react/effervesce when they hit the moisture/water. Bath bombs in our case are used to infused your bath with essential, moisture and a relaxing atmosphere🌿.

What makes a bath bomb fizz?

It is the ratio of critic acid and baking soda when immersed in water! Created a fizzing action. At Infused we don’t add an extra “stuff” we like to keep it simple.

Are bath bombs okie for regular use ?

Yes as long as you are using the right kinds. You want stay away from using heavy fragrances because if you have sensitive skin the chemical that makes the bomb smell great can aggravate your skin. Stay away from using glitter bombs if possible. Once in a while is ok (unless you have sensitive skin). Make sure you are using a moisturizing bomb what will leave your skin singing with joy. 

🤍Since Bath bombs a pre made bath soaks that react with moisture, you want to try your best and store them in a cool dry place. This will help keep them at the peak of perfect.
🤍 The warmer the bath water the more fizz that happens!
🤍 Fill your tub with water then add the Bomb
🤍 Pick your Bath Bomb in accordance with your mood.

BATH BOMB tricks!

🤍 mini bath bombs a perfect for your littles! No screaming from breaking larger bombs apart .
🤍 Mini bath bombs a perfect for pedi/foot soaks.
🤍 You can mix and match our minis to create a whole new custom aroma.