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Sugar shack

Sugar shack

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Hello maple vibes with this Canadian inspired sugar scrubs. Infused with cinnamon, cedarwood and vetiver essential oils. This sugar scrub will have you transformed into a sugar shack during maple syrup season with its comforting smell.  

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, White/Brown Sugar, Organic Coconut oil, Therapeutic Essential oils, Sweet Almond Oil & Vitamin E. Infused with Cinnamon, cedarwood, vetiver,  and Benzoin essential oils  combined with local maple syrup and GF oats

Directions: Scoop desired amount & work gently into skin in circular motions. Mild enough for face. Watch out for slippery Floors!

Benefits: Moisturize, Revitalize & Exfoliate. All in one easy to use product. Use or a regular biases for healthier skin.