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This power packed duo of peppermint and spearmint will have you pepped up for the day. Green peaks that will wisp you away on a lathery adventure. This soap will help energize your mood while getting squeaky clean. 


Did you know peppermint essential oil is helps wake up the senses ?? this means it helps put a little pep in your step. Peppermint oil is always perfect pick me up. 


Ingredients: Organic; Olive (Olea europaea) oil, Avocado (Persea Americana) oil, Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil, Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa) Butter, Coco (theobromaButter & Essential oils. Tinted with french green clay. 

Directions: suds up with this moisturizing allnatural soap. For external used only